New to Cloth Diapers? A Pocket/All-In-Two Intro

TS OS 130709 Ruffles-4 TS OS 130709 Ruffles-5TS OS 130708 Ruffles-2TS OS 130708 Ruffles-1 

I just finished creating this beautiful (and fun) custom set. Two, One-Size All-In-Two (AI2)/pocket cloth diapers with matching bibs. My daughter has long been out of diapers so it was especially fun to make this set with something funky: detachable bum ruffles! This was for a new customer and one who is new to cloth diapers. In full disclosure, she will probably mainly use them as swim diapers but ordered inserts to go with them so she could at least try. I figured since this mama was new to the cloth diapering world, I would do a quick run down of how to adjust the sizing on a one-size diaper using rise snaps as well as a couple different ways of using the insert system. Either stuff the insert into the shell and use it as a pocket diaper, or snap in the insert and lay it on top of the shell to use it as an AI2. Hope someone finds it useful.