Upcoming Guest Stocking and Congos

When it rains it pours they always say. In the span of about 48 hours I got invited to be in two congos. If you’re a Hyena Cart regular you’ll be familiar with the term. If not then first, Hyena Cart is another on-line marketplace but strictly WAHM wares and mostly cloth diapers and other handmade attire (I could spend a small fortune on knit longies myself). Each WAHM has a storefront and shop. When a conglomeration of shops get together it’s called a congo.

I replied to a call for vendors with the Purple Poppy Congo but the next day had an invitation in my inbox to join The Wading Pool! Then the day after that was my invite to the Purple Poppy as a guest vendor for January. It’s exciting to me to be asked to join a group of fellow peers.

To top it all off, the same day I had been asked to resume contract work for an old employer needing help getting projects out the door. I’m not sure how many of you know but I am in the architecture profession and pick up contract work for a couple different architects when I am able.


I am closing to customs for the time being. I have two people currently on my list and those will be the last orders. It makes me a little sad as I love seeing what you guys come up with for me to sew. But I just will not be able to ensure orders get out in a timely manner. However, I would still love to get requests and I will make them a part of my stockings.

Instead I will be focusing on my exciting opportunity of being in these Congos. So here’s the details:

On Hyena Cart
STOCKING: Thursday, January 30th at 4PM EST
WHAT: I will be offering a few pairs of my wrap around booties: A couple boy pairs and a couple girly ruffle pairs, a couple 3-6 month sized outfits and whatever else I might be able to get done.
WHO: Baby My Waye, ChunkabuTT Creations, Monkeyade, Dutch Baby, Dan&Leah Diapers with the other guest vendor this month being Oh Sew Smitten

(these are just examples, not the actual booties that will be stocking)

The Wading Pool is actually a group on Facebook: PLEASE JOIN US! (you’ll need to request to join)
STOCKING: TBD as this date is set by me. But it will be a couple times per month and probably a small sampling of items
WHAT: Most likely clothes and cloth diapers
WHO: The group features WAHMs with a variety wares which makes it pretty fun. From diaper makers to wood toy makers.
Bunnyfeet Boutique
Cosmic Clean Body and More
Howler Monkey Bums
Ewe Look Marvelous
All About Cloth
Cute and Caboodle
Fruit of the Womb Diapers
Little Bean’s Toy Shop
The Beaded Ladybug

Thank you all for your continued support and you have made my first few months in the biz more fun than I could have imagined!