Hybrid Fitted Seconds Sale

Friday, February 28 at 9 PM EST (6PM PST)
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I lost my sew-jo folks. I’m a little disappointed in how this batch of diapers turned out. It sort of stresses me out. But. Maybe they’ll be priced right if one can overlook the sewing flaws.

On a happier note. I will also be offering up (4) custom slots. I’d prefer to keep the slot to one item, please. One diaper, one pair of pants…however I can probably accommodate an outfit (like a pants/shirt combo) but would not be able to do two diapers, for example.

Here’s my price list of my most popular items and here’s my available fabric. Please note the premium knit category will incur an up-charge. One thing not listed on the price list is Newborn diapers starting at $14.99.

ALL but one of these diapers are going to list for $19.49 (Free US shipping included, discounted international). The elephants, which is 100% organic cotton with an organic bamboo velour inner (It’s dreamy by the way) will be $23.49.

A new “feature” with my fitteds is hidden snaps on the inserts. Not sure why I didn’t do that before, honestly. Now, nothing but the smooth and soft velour inner of the insert will touch baby.

Why are they seconds?
I will do my best to accurately describe why they’re seconds, but they all have some type of bunching/shifting of the inner at the wings. It’s an eye sore more than anything but it will mean that some of the wings will curl up. I’ve tried to get pictures as best I could. They will still come with a soaker and snap-in booster.

Seconds Tag

Seconds Tag

All seconds diapers will be marked. The bottom half of the size tag will be cut with a pinking shears (to minimize fraying in the wash) and a mark with black, permanent marker will be added to both my logo tag and the size tag.

A general description of all the diapers will be listed below the photos. These are all hybrid fitted diapers with a hidden layer of Windpro® fleece.



Elephants | $23.49
100% Organic Cotton outer
Organic Bamboo Velour inner
Shifting of velour at both wings causing curling

Puffy Planes | $19.49
100% Cotton outer
Cotton Velour inner
Shifting of velour at both wings; slight misalignment of middle snap in the outer facing row

Retro Arcade – the Mr. and Mrs. | $19.49
95% Cotton, 5% spandex outer
Cotton Velour inner
Shifting of velour at both wings causing curling; slight misalignment of an outer snap in the outer facing row

Chickadees | $19.49
100% cotton
Cotton Velour inner
Shifting of velour at both wings causing curling

Pink Giraffes | $19.49
100% cotton
Cotton Velour inner
Shifting of velour at both wings causing curling

Included is a snap-in day time fold over soaker w/(2) layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece, (1) layer of organic bamboo fleece + (1) topper layer of coordinating cotton velour for a total of (8) layers in the wet zone. A snap-in booster of (1) layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece + (2) layers of regular organic bamboo fleece is also included.


Hybrid fitteds are just good ol’ fashioned fitteds but with a hidden layer of poly fleece. This poly fleece helps moisture re-absorb back into the insert creating a fitted diaper that will stay dry to the touch on the outside a bit longer than a conventional fitted. They do still require a cover to be absolutely waterproof but go ahead…be wild and go coverless knowing you’ve bought yourself a little bit of time to be fancy free and footloose. I do not recommend going coverless for naps, overnight or for any outings where bums sit in seats. Fleece is still prone to compression leaks when wet enough.

One size fits most ~10-35+ lbs depending on the build of baby