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Polartec® 200 Fleece Longies

Polartec® 200 Fleece Longies

This week will be fleece longies love and a hybrid fitted or two. I made a Jack hybrid fiited since it’s my most frequently asked for custom. I did make another hybrid fitted and it saddens me to say even though I pre-wash my fabric, I did not catch that this particular fabric ran. When I went to rinse the diaper after sewing, it bled somewhat onto the cream colored velour inner. I’m going to offer it up with a $5 discount with the disclaimer it needs to be washed/rinsed separately upon receiving (preferably without the snap-in insert) and would recommend using a color catcher. It’s an adorable organic cotton/spandex outer and I’m just sick about it. Both of the hybrid fitteds use Windpro®.

LONGIES: I wanted to touch a bit on the fleece I use for the longies. It’s Polartec® Classic 200, which is a high quality, anti-pill fleece. It is fluffier, softer and washes way better than other fleece typically used for longies. A pair I’ve been using on my son for the last 12 months looks as if it came off the cut table yesterday. If you’re used to other fleece longies, these will be a touch thicker but still lightweight, highly breatheable and has a good stretch. Fleece of any variety can still be prone to compression leaks, however.

The longies have the yoga style waistband, a fuller leg and the tiniest of flaring at the ankle. Leg opening is hemmed with a double needle for added stretch. Seams are serged with a stretch nylon thread (like my fitteds) for a touch of softness at the seam.

**Photographer’s note: I had some really weird flare for some reason and, especially the black pair of longies, the color looks splotchy. I am going to try and re-shoot for my stocking but know the longies are a uniform color.

Without further ado (prices include US shipping):
Longies: $15.99 – you’ll need to click on the image for the size chart
Jack: $25.99
Squirrels: $24.99 (regularly $29.99 due to organic cotton fabric)

A quick description of the diapers:

One size fits “most” hybrid fitted diaper. This is a serged diaper with cased elastic and overcast with stretch nylon thread which is soft against baby’s skin. Size adjusted via the fold down rise.

JACK: 100% cotton jersey
SQUIRRELS: Organic Cotton/Spandex Jersey
Hidden: Windpro® fleece
Inner: Cotton Velour

Included is a snap-in day time fold over soaker w/(2) layers of heavy organic bamboo fleece, (1) layer of organic bamboo fleece + (1) topper layer of coordinating cotton velour for a total of (8) layers in the wet zone. A snap-in booster of (1) layer of heavy organic bamboo fleece + (2) layers of regular organic bamboo fleece is also included.


Hybrid fitteds are just good ol’ fashioned fitteds but with a hidden layer of poly fleece. This poly fleece helps moisture re-absorb back into the insert creating a fitted diaper that will stay dry to the touch on the outside a bit longer than a conventional fitted. They do still require a cover to be absolutely waterproof but go ahead…be wild and go coverless knowing you’ve bought yourself a little bit of time to be fancy free and footloose. I do not recommend going coverless for naps, overnight or for any outings where bums sit in seats. Fleece is still prone to compression leaks when wet enough.

One size fits most ~10-35+ lbs depending on the build of baby