Hybrid Fitted Stocking – 1/15/15

Since Etsy still doesn’t allow previews *grumble* here’s a quick photo gallery.

These are all serged Hyrbid Fitteds using Windpro® fleece as a hidden layer. I have one cosmetic seconds diaper up for grabs and it’s the moon/rainbow/raining hearts cloud diaper. This will be my last stocking where I include shipping in the price. After which the 2015 Price List will apply.

I also have one Petite OS that I made. And it is one of the Octo on Teal diapers. The Petite OS size is a perfect “in between” size that should fit starting around 8lbs and fits up to about 20lbs depending on the build of baby. The size for that is also via a fold down rise.

TIME: Thursday, January 15 at 9PM Eastern
WHERE: At my Etsy Shop

I have four more boy-ish diapers that I plan on finishing up and will list them when they are complete. I’m shooting for Monday.


Oh…and confused by what the heck all those snaps are for? Take a tour!