Sewing the Inner of the Opulent Monsters Magnum Opus AIO

Ruffle Diaper

There’s this cloth diaper pattern that I’m pretty crazy about: Opulent Monsters’ Magnum Opus AIO.  The most amazing AIO design I’ve come across in my cloth diapering career that spanned about 5-6 years between two children. It’s such an amazing design that it’s turned into my only requested diaper by my customers and am thrilled to offer it in my shop (when time permits for a stocking).

I’m in the middle of sewing about a dozen right now and thought I’d shoot a quick video of the most challenging part for those new to sewing up the pattern.  In this video I quickly demonstrate my process of sewing the inner layer: attaching the absorbent inset to the PUL guard on the Opulent Monsters’ Magnum Opus AIO Cloth Diaper.