Envision. Create. Share.

I started my sewing adventure fresh into my first pregnancy. I was motivated primarily by the desire to create my baby’s cloth diaper stash. But I also had visions of nights spent sewing Halloween or dance costumes for my yet-to-be born children. A handful of sewing classes later and a handful of years, I haven’t looked back. I enjoyed creating and sewing cloth diapers so much I expanded my repertoire to include making one of a kind clothing creations for my kiddos.  I have been sewing cloth diapers and children’s clothing for over 8 years and have started expanding into clothing for women.

I am a licensed architect working on commercial projects in the Denver metro area and love how sewing is a natural, creative outlet to my main profession. In the sewing world, I have been teaching classes at my local sewing shop and am honored to be an administrator with Opulent Monsters fabric and patterns helping with sewing items to showcase their fabric, photography, and general promotion.

It’s important for me to stay current in my skills which is why I frequently reinvest in sewing classes and continuing education to bring you a better product. I have recently upgraded my equipment for a more professional and durable construction to my garments. Red Dog Studio allows me to share my love of crafting and creating. Nothing gives me more enjoyment than being able to take someone’s vision and create something for their children.