Spring Sewing and More…

Tunic Stitch Detail

Tunic Stitch Detail

Red Dog Studio’s 6 month anniversary came and went with nary a notice! I am now 8 months into it and am so happy I decided to start a business from my passion. I truly love creating items for others and bringing someone’s vision to life through my customs.

I started with introductory pricing well below market value so I could get my name out and have people feel comfortable purchasing lesser known WAHM-wares and trying a newbie out out but hopefully still providing a quality product.

Ultimately I will be pricing my items at full market value once I hit my one-year anniversary but I will rip the band aid off slowly, so to speak. Here you will find my new prices effective June 15. I will be marking things up roughly 10% but I am finding this equates to about $2 per item. I will still be providing free shipping as well as looking into a Buy x Get x free or a percent discount based on price purchased type system.

Custom requests are constantly finding their way to my inbox and am grateful people have found me. Unfortunately I cannot take custom requests due to a second job which I will have through the summer and will no longer make exceptions. My goal being to have my consulting job completed by the end of summer and ramp up production to provide full stockings of my items which is my true passion (as I sit and day dream about how nice it would be to be home with my kids and do something I love).

I will still do small stockings when I can but I am trying to move to a group custom format where I pick the fabric and you sign up to have an item made. Due to my circumstances these will have to be small groups so that you aren’t waiting a long time for your product. As a reminder, I do have a Buy/Sell/Trade and Chat page where I will be doing oodles of things: product testing, group customs, people selling/trading their RDS creations….I would love to get it to be a great chat group as well.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.


On a lighter note. There’s a phrase that constantly runs through my head: The cobbler’s children have no shoes. I think a lot of us WAHMs feel it’s hard to find time to sew for our own children! I had the opportunity in the last few days to do just that. I have found a love for European import knits (Lillestoff, JNY, Nosh, Liandlo, etc.). As well as European sewing patterns. I’m finding the fit to be glorious for my skinny kiddos with great shape built into the patterns. You can see the Euro knits I have available and will be providing clothing items sewn with these patterns. But here’s a sneak peek!

I get my pretties at Emrose Fabrics.