Farewell…Just For a Little While

I made an announcement in my BST & Chat group on Facebook this morning:

As most of you know, I got back into my field about a year and a half ago and continued RDS on the weekends because I love to sew and it is my stress relief. Since I am back in my career, in the last couple of weeks through much deliberation, I have decided I will be finishing up my architectural licensing exams and finally become a bonafide architect. Because of this, I will be suspending RDS until summer. I realize it will be tough to come back into the WAHM world after hiatus but I can’t stop doing what I love entirely.

I will miss it but I will not have enough time in the world to study for my exams as it is.  To “celebrate, ” I will be opening up my customs list one last time. [DUE TO OVER DEMAND, THE LIST IS NOW CLOSED] A link to the list is pinned at the top of my Chat group on Facebook and it will open at 10PM Eastern time (7PM Pacific). I will leave it open for a couple of days.

In the meantime, I have been sewing a lot of fun things for my own kiddos recently and will leave you with some pictures in case you need some ideas on what you would like made.  Skirts, dresses, pants, hoodies…and don’t forget I make pajamas!

Feel free to browse the Portfolio for more examples of clothing, layette, and diapers.





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