{Giveaway Over} 2015 Price List and New Pocket Diaper Design!

I missed it y’all. My one year anniversary. I had meant to hold a wicked awesome giveaway but I got so busy with life it came and went. I opened my shop with my first stocking on October 3, 2013 on Hyena Cart. It was so nerve racking but was overjoyed when I actually had people buy some diapers! Ironically just as I was getting started in this incredible journey, I was offered full time contract work in my profession. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by and I am still at the same job one year later. Sewing is my stress relief and there’s something about working with my hands that gives me a release. And so maintaining Red Dog Studio has been important to me. I’ve tried to keep up with demand by doing a custom sign up list instead of stockings. That’s been going really well since it gives my customer exactly what they want and it kept my creative flow moving. But, even though I never had any complaints from my amazing customers, it stressed me out not being able to turn things around quickly.

For the start of this year, I’ve decided to try out doing stockings instead of customs. I’m hoping to create items every two weeks to stock in my Etsy shop. I hardly ever have any stock in my shop and it actually gets a fair amount of traffic so it will be nice to have items for a change.

Hybrid fitteds are my most requested item so I will start with a stocking on January 15 at 7PM. Here’s a tentative schedule of the next month or so – and I actually might split these up in smaller lots to be more manageable:
January 15 – Hybrid Fitteds
January 30 – Hoodies
February 12 – Henley and Ruffle Henley tees

Visit me in my Buy, Sell, Trade & Chat group on Facebook and let me know what you’d like to see made!


New Pocket Diaper Inner

New Pocket Diaper Inner (click for a larger image)

I made pocket diapers like this for my son and had always meant to resurrect the style. I finally nailed down a refinement and all pocket diapers will now be made “No Touch” style. What got me motivated to make them like this again was having a nanny, who is most definitely enthusiastic about using cloth, and making everything as easy as possible so she wouldn’t have to worry about remembering to take the inserts out of the pocket before putting them in the pail. I thought it’s also perfect for grandparent’s and day care as there’s very little explanation that needs to be done in the way of what to do at diaper changes. It’s just as easy as a disposable 😉

Go ahead…be crazy…just throw your pocket diaper in the diaper pail without.un.stuffing. Can you handle it?

There is an elasticized pocket opening in the back so there isn’t any gaping of the pocket opening, as well as a scooped opening on the front of the diaper. No need to un-stuff the diaper before throwing it in the diaper pail; the agitation of the washer will remove the insert for you! Even in HE washers. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.



Another thing I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time is put together or more detailed pricing “menu.” I still have my main page of prices with my more popular items but this is a little more thorough look and explanation of what I offer. I have modified my prices for this year with the biggest change being how I handle shipping. I had always included it in my prices but I have decided to pull shipping out and charge it separately.

Here is the PDF of the new pricing for 2015: Red Dog Studio: 2015 Price List


Oh! I forgot (or did I?)! I’m giving away a pocket diaper with my new inner design! Complete with an insert system. Diaper will be custom made with the PUL outer of your choice. The inner will be stay dry wicking jersey. You can browse the prints I currently have available here. Please allow two weeks for completion after we’ve finalized a PUL choice and embellishment style. There will be a $5 charge if you would like ruffles. Shipping to US is included in the prize. Open to international residents but you will need to pay any shipping difference from the cost of US shipping.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:

  1. By entering this giveaway, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Open to US and International entrants. Please note shipping: free US shipping; discounted international shipping.
  3. Entrant releases Facebook of any wrong doing. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Rafflecopter.
  4. Grand Prize: a “No Touch” pocket diaper made to order with winner’s choice of PUL from RDS’s in-stock fabrics made with a wicking jersey inner and complete with insert system. If winner chooses to add a ruffle embellishment, a $5 charge will be incurred. Winner to pay shipping as follows: Free shipping to US or discounted international shipping. Please allow two weeks for completion from time a PUL has been chosen.
  5. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this giveaway.
  6. No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered.
  7. Winners will be notified by email provided through Rafflecopter. If response isn’t received within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.
  8. Entrants are providing information to Red Dog Studio and not to Facebook or Rafflecopter.
  9. Giveaway opens Sunday, January 11 and closes Wednesday, January 14 at 10PM Mountain time.
  10. Void where prohibited by law.

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