Attaching Waistband Elastic Using a Serger and a Coverhem Machine


I have appreciated a lot of the constructive feedback received but have decided to pull the video.  I’m sure you can find a more thorough tutorial on many other pages.  I will definitely think about re-shooting the video to incorporate the invaluable criticisms I did receive but since most of us video tutorialists do this in our spare time at no charge I imagine this won’t be until my children have moved out and are on their own.  Thank you again for the support!



3 thoughts on “Attaching Waistband Elastic Using a Serger and a Coverhem Machine

  1. JNET

    Thank you so much for this. Twin needle machines stitch the same as the overlock machine? I have a serger and I have a Brother Innovis that shows it will use two needles just have never used two.


    This was very helpful and informative. Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  3. Barbara

    Thank you for your YouTube tutorial on surging elastic. It helped put me back on track. I like the way you sew.

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