All-In-One Love: A Look at Opulent Monsters’ Magnum Opus Cloth Diaper Sewing Pattern

Magnum Opus AIO Hook & Loop Option

Magnum Opus AIO Hook & Loop Option

Over the last three years I have been trying to develop an All-In-One (AIO) diaper to offer in my shop.  I could never come up with something I felt functioned properly, or that didn’t bunch up in the front, or that seemed like it wouldn’t take forever to dry, or that was a PITA to rinse off with a diaper sprayer.  Then I came across Opulent Monsters’ Magnum Opus AIO diaper. And pretty much stopped everything in my tracks. Because Crystal had designed something that embodied perfection for me. No kidding. There was no way I could beat it.

Can you imagine how much I squealed with delight when she posted in her Facebook group that she was intending to offer the pattern…for sale. So much squealing that my dog shot up with that cute cocked head expression as if to say “what the crap woman?” Yeah, well the whole house shook a few days later when I was asked to test it!! OMG…

I should say before I forget, because the whole AIO thing really has me so blinded by love, that the Magnum Opus pattern bundle gives you four different diaper construction options: The AIO, an All-In-Two (AI2), a pocket diaper, or a cover.

For those of you who purchase diapers from me I am thrilled to report I will be sending in a diaper to be approved for licensing and offering these in my line up once I have that approval (knock on wood)! I have been asked many times for an AIO and I guarantee even if you are not an AIO lover you will think this is the most amazing diaper! After I carry on about the sewing pattern itself, I’ll explain how it works and why I love it so much. Scroll to the end for info on testers and when I hope to start retail.

For those that sew their own, read on for a description of the pattern and my thoughts on sewing it up. You can purchase the pattern here for $12.00. Also want to buy the Monster Bunz patterns while you’re there? I did this write-up on the Bunz last year.

See the pattern listing for WAHM licensing information.

Pattern Description

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus

This one pattern gives you all the waterproof diaper sewing options one could ever wish for:

  • All In One (AIO):
    • Stay Dry Inner Option
    • Natural Inner Option
  • All In Two (AI2)
  • Pocket Diaper
  • Cover
  • Closure Options:
    • Snaps
    • Hook and Loop

This is a one-size, square tab pattern with the size being adjusted via snap down rise. The suggested weight range is 13lbs-40lbs.  Based on the sizing of other diapers I have sewn I believe this to be a very accurate weight range. In addition to the petals for the AIO, the pattern also includes pattern pieces and instructions on how to construct a snake style soaker for the AI2 and a prefold-type insert for the pocket diaper.

Pattern Set-Up & Instructions

No trim pages people! Enough said. No cutting the margins off the sheets; just print and tape. Instructions are included on how to print and assemble the pattern and it also tells you exactly which pages to print for the type of diaper you want to make.

The pattern includes a very detailed supplies list, right down to the snap backing, and doesn’t leave anything out.  There are separate cut marks on the inner and outer pattern pieces depending on if you’re making a snap or hook & loop diaper. Instructions are included on how to make both.

One thing I appreciate and wanted to make a note of is that the full pattern pieces are digitized as opposed to having half the pattern and then cutting on the fold. Everyone has their way of doing it but why do I like this? Because I’m a huge fussy cutter. And it saves me from having to open the PDF file in Photoshop, flip it, then print out the other half. It will be super easy for me to transfer the pattern to template plastic allowing me to easily see my fabric underneath. Don’t worry, a cut line on the pattern piece is included in the event you are a “cut on the fold” kind of person.

The instructions are numbered with very clear and well thought out photos at each step. Be sure to pay attention in the instructions to which type of diaper you are making. They are clearly titled and pointed out with “skip ahead” points, but I found with the AIO it was important to clearly follow each step.

I noticed this in OM’s Monster Bunz pants pattern, and I think it’s a sweet touch, but Crystal always suggests tag placement for us WAHM’s throughout the construction.


So here’s the dealio. The instructions with this pattern are written very well and clear. Having said that, I would suggest that for the AIO it would be helpful if one has logged some time behind a sewing machine. Not a lot of time, per se, but maybe have had a couple garments or cloth diapers under the belt. I am never going to dissuade someone from trying and I truly feel with the notches on the pattern pieces (for alignment purposes) and the clear photographs in the instructions it’s possible for someone out of the shoot to sew it up.  To me, it’s mostly the inner layer with the petals and attaching that assembly that’s the trickiest part. I liken it to putting the bum circle on the Monster Bunz pants. So I think if you can do that, you can make the AIO. The elastic can take some practice too but there are many ways one can attach elastic in a diaper and the beauty is you can do it any way you’d like. Please take this all with a grain of salt as I’ve been sewing diapers for 6 years now and I will need a hair more practice myself to perfect the look.

Opulent Monsters MO

Magnum Opus Fit

The construction for the AI2 and the pocket diapers is very straight forward and common diaper construction technique and maybe a good place to start before diving into the AIO.

Most important thing I can offer is to just take it slow, take the time to mark out all the pattern notches as directed, and take it step by step… Opulent Monsters also has a Facebook group with whole heaps of amazingly helpful seamstresses and Crystal too, of course.


I tested the AIO, hook & loop version. My son (who should be potty training TYVM) is long and lean weighing in around 27 lbs sopping wet. He is on the medium snap rise so he has a lot of room to grow though I don’t care to see how much so! I’ve been promised he won’t go to kindergarten in diapers…PROMISED! Anyhoo, the fit is great on him and it is super trim. I made the petals with a hidden layer of Zorb in each and am still testing out absorbency.

Why!? Why do I love the design of this AIO so much?

Magnum Opus Inner

Magnum Opus – Natural Inner

The AIO diaper is a true AIO in the sense that the soaker is permanently attached to the diaper and includes the waterproof layer so no cover is required.  The inner layer can be made with a stay dry material or left to have a natural inner. By using PUL as the inner layer (the fabric, not the laminate side faces baby) and cutting out the middle portion for the soaker system, it allows you to use a natural material for the inner without the fear of moisture wicking to the outer. This detail makes it a good candidate for a hidden PUL diaper. It is constructed so that there are two pocket openings; one at the rear and one at the front. Attached at each of these opening is one soaker flap, for a total of two. These soaker flaps get tucked into the inner when on the baby and when the diaper is dirty, toss it in the pail; the petals will agitate out in the wash (remove solids first, of course). Crystal also gives a tour here but the style has changed somewhat since the video was made.

Here’s what I like about this AIO design that Crystal spent a long time developing and perfecting long before this pattern release:

  • Easy to keep clean (which I can’t do if the soaker is inaccessibly sewn onto the interior layer) – the flaps agitate out in the wash allowing water to flow through the diaper as well as allowing water to get to the soaker petals
  • Quick to dry (which I can’t do if the soaker is inaccessibly sewn onto the interior layer) – since there are two flaps, the number of layers of each can be minimized making it quick to dry and since they agitate out in the wash they are exposed also allowing them to dry quicker.
  • Easy on. Easy off. Caregivers (not familiar with cloth diapers) rejoice! No unstuffing before throwing into the diaper pail. Which means I don’t have to swim through the pail before laundry to unstuff diapers after grandma comes over…and no special instructions required for the nanny or day care
  • NO EXPOSED FLAPS PEOPLE! There are no flaps for poop to get caught under or to flap aimlessly around when I spray it with the diaper sprayer. Or to get bunched up between legs effectively rendering it useless…
Magnum Opus - Attached Flaps Get Stuffed Inside

Magnum Opus – Attached Flaps Get Stuffed Inside

Magnum Opus - Attached Flaps Get Stuffed Inside

Magnum Opus – Attached Flaps Get Stuffed Inside

For those who would prefer to buy one as opposed to sewing one, I will be doing a limited call for testers at a discount in my Facebook group and once I have received licensing approval I will offer the AIO for retail early this summer (hopefully by June). In the meantime, if you are not familiar with my work, feel free to take a look at past cloth diapers I have sewn.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I was chosen as a pattern tester and therefore given the pattern only for the purposes of the testing. This blog review was unsolicited and opinions and recommendations are solely my own.

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